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Transfer in Athens

Two Days Tour Delphi – Meteora

A memorable experience… Visit Delphi & Meteora.

First day:

The two-day tour starts early in the morning and around noon we will be at Delphi. Famous for its theater, Temple of Apollo and ancient ruins, Delphi was considered the center of the earth and the universe, and played a central role in the classical Greek world.

Enjoy the gems of the region. The archaeological site, the Temple of Apollo, famous for its oracle and the Kastalia Spring. After lunch, in the afternoon, we will depart through Central Greece, Lamia (short stop) and the Thessalian plain, to Kalambaka.

Overnight in Kalambaka.

Second day:

The second day starts with exploring the holy land, Meteora. Back on time, the cliff-top monasteries were 24 (Agios Nikolaos Anapafsa, Metamorphosis tou Sotiros or Megalou Meteorou, Varlaam, Roussanos, Agia Triada and Agios Stephanos), but today there are only 6. We will be able to visit two different Byzantine Monasteries* that provide fantastic view over the plain.

Meteora are included in the UNESCO world heritage monument list. The monasteries are perched on top of towers of sandstone, which for centuries provided totally inaccessible retreats for the monks. Are also considered, one of the most beautiful areas of the Greek mainland, and its monasteries are one of the country’s most unique attractions.

Before our return and per your request, we can visit a factory of Byzantine style icons (optional). As we will pass by the heroic monument of Leonidas, King of Sparta in Thermopylae, on our way to Athens, we can make a short stop.

Travelers’ Tip: Take many photos and admire the area where the Battle of Thermopylae, betwwen Thespians and Greeks (480 BC), took place.

Price: 600,00€ (All taxes are included) They don’t include in price the cost of the tour guide, any entrance tickets for museums & archaeological sites, hotels and meals.

The departure from your hotel is at 08.00 in the morning and we return at 17.00 in the afternoon next day. This price is for Mercedes MiniVan up to 8 passengers.

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