Nuren, is a luxury minivan rental company with drivers,
located in Athens, Greece.

The creation of our enterprise in based on the customers’ need for high quality road transportation, with trustworthy vehicles and experienced chauffeurs.

The workforce of Nuren – administrative staff  & drivers – is equipped with the right knowledge and the necessary experience, is able to manage responsibly the customers’ transfers and of course their amusement and relaxation.

In Nuren, we constantly refin the level and quality of our services, in order to be your number one choice.

Regarding all the above, we have successfully built a significant Mercedes-Benz MiniVan fleet, that offers to our clients what they truly wish.

The Nuren serves:

  Private Clients

  Hotels, Villas & Rented Houses

  Travel & Tourist Offices

  Conference Organization Companies

  Commercial Companies

  Educational Institutions

  Sports Clubs

Select According To Your Transfer Needs

Or The Place Of Greece That You Want To Explore.

Our Purpose

to provide distinctive services, making our customers feel unique

Transfer in Athens